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Big Villa The villa is well equipped and spacious. Lake Saimaa and sunset view from the large terrace, beach, private dock, rowing boat and BBQ hut.
Starting at € 185
Log Cabin The cabin is 2-storey, living room/kitchen. Lake Saimaa and sunset view from the terrace. Wood-heated sauna, beach, rowing boat and private dock.
Starting at € 90
Rock Cabin A scenic view of Lake Saimaa, sunset and the surrounding forest opens from the large terrace. BBQ hut with a glass roof, a rowing boat and own dock.
20 m²
Starting at € 85


Little by little, a small dream was brewing … In 1999 I decided to build a traditional log cabin with a sauna for my family on the beautiful sandy shore of Lake Saimaa overlooking the sunset. It was a great fortune to start the construction work together with neighbour Ari, a professional in his field. We were building in winter and the campfire dinners were especially delicious. The children grew up quickly and life changed. It was time to start implementing the next plan and build a bigger house, also from environmentally friendly materials. Together with friends, we built the villa by hand in a little over a year. The work was completed  in 2010. Then I met new friends who rented out cottages for vacationers, and learned about their positive experience. Thanks to these people, I fired up a new idea that both houses, built with such love, will bring a lot of pleasure to others who want to enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty of nature near the shores of Lake Saimaa. There is one special place for relaxation 200 meters from the beach – a rock on a hill. I often sat there alone and with friends, enjoying the sounds and smells of the forest, as well as the magnificent view of Lake Saimaa towards the sunset. This place silenced us all. In 2020, it was time to fulfil the third dream and build a house on one of the oldest rocks in the world, dating back 1600-3000 million years ago. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch many forest birds and other animals from the house on the rock. I am happy to offer a variety of accommodation options for families and couples as well as solo travelers. The surroundings of the cottages offer outdoor activities, as well as the opportunity to relax in silence all year round. Enjoy sledding, skiing, ice skating, hiking, fishing, rowing, kayaking, picking berries and mushrooms, swimming in the clear lake and, of course, relaxing in the sauna. Come to relax and enjoy the beautiful clean nature and recharge your batteries on the shores of the magnificent Lake Saimaa.

Heikki Heimala

Additional services

Guided mushroom picking tour

Mushroom picking trip to the nearest forest. Learn more about mushrooms, relax, savor the smells of the forest, and pick mushrooms for yourself. The duration of the trip is about 2 hours. Price 40 €/person. Group of at least 2 people. Ask about your trip in advance.


Rent a very quiet 5hp Honda 4-stroke engine or the almost silent Torgeedo Travel outboard electric motor of the same power class. Prices: Honda 5 HP – 50 €/day + 25 € for an additional day, 150 €/week + fuel. Electric outboard motor Torgeedo Travel – 60 €/day + 25 € extra day, 160 €/week.


There are interesting protected kayaking spots nearby. Rent a three-seater canoe or kayak for two. Price 30 €/day + 20 € extra day, 120 €/week. Life jackets and paddles are included in the price, as well as recommendations for interesting nearby routes.

Guided cranberries picking tour

Cranberries picking tour to the nearest swamp. Swamps have their own atmosphere and aromas. The cranberry season is from October to December. The cost of the trip is 50 €/person. Rubber boots for walking in the swamp are included in the price. The duration of the trip is about 2 hours. Group of at least 2 people. Ask about your trip in advance.


Relax in the forest and savor its scents. Pick blueberries for a pie or milkshake. Blueberry picking takes place mainly in July. Ask in the summer if the berries are ripe.


Rent a portable outdoor hot tub. Capacity up to 6 people. It takes about 2 hours to heat the water. There is a thermometer, mixing paddle and drink holder in the tub. Cost 140 €/day, 200 €/weekend. There is firewood for heating in the cottage.