Cabin guide

Instructions and tips for staying and enjoying your time at Villa Lummelahti.

Welcome to relax at Villa Lummelahti! We are pleased that you chose Villa Lummelahti!

We want you to quickly immerse yourself in relaxed cabin life, and we want your stay to be comfortable and smooth throughout. Take a look through this guide, and you’ll know how things work at Villa Lummelahti!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns! You can always reach the cabin owner at the number +35840 722 1153 (backup number +35850 434 9607).

Contents of the guide:

The basics of staying at Lummelahti

The cabin is available to you from the arrival day at 16:00 (4:00 pm) until the departure day at 12:00 (12:00 am).

Please keep the place in good condition and leave the cabin as tidy as it was when you arrived. Wash the dishes and put them in their respective places. Vacuum the floor and arrange all items in their designated spots. If you would like a final cleaning as an additional service, please order it in advance.

There are 3 separate villas at Lummelahti: The Big Villa, the Log cabin and the Rock cabin.

Heating and air conditioning

Our cabins are warm even in the winter, and you don’t need to worry about heating. You can, of course, light the fireplace and enjoy its warmth. When lighting the fireplace, remember to ensure that the damper (the metal plate that closes the chimney) is open. Otherwise, you’ll get smoke inside, and you’ll need to open all windows and doors to get the smoke out. The damper can be found on the top of the fireplace, inside the cabin.

In the summer, if you wish, you can cool the indoor air using the air conditioning unit, which is available in each of our cabins.

In the Big Villa, there’s a separate ventilation system controlled by the range hood’s switch (in the kitchen). Keep the machine running at a minimum setting throughout your stay and increase the power while cooking and using the sauna. Turn the kitchen range hood off when igniting fire to the fireplace.

Waste sorting, ecological sustainability, responsibility, solar energy

We sort organic waste, glass, and metals. So, please place different types of waste in their respective containers.

Environmentally sustainable choices are important to us. The cabins have a solar power system, electricity consumption is controlled by efficient heat pumps, and firewood comes from nearby forests. We also take care of Lake Saimaa. Our wastewater doesn’t flow into the lake, and we don’t want litter to end up there either. Please, dispose of any litter you notice in the yard or in nature in the trash cans, so they don’t end up in the lake or further into the wilderness.

Charging your electric vehicle

If you arrived with an electric car, you can conveniently charge it at the cabin. Please inquire with the host for more details regarding the location of the charging socket. Currently, we offer a standard grounded socket, so you will need to bring your own cable that fits your car. If you can time your car’s charging during sunny moments, you can get electricity directly from the sun via the panels in the most environmentally friendly way.



The crackling fire is an essential part of the cabin experience. You can find firewood for the fireplace, sauna stove, and grill in the woodshed. The firewood is included in the rental price, but please be considerate in this matter as well: use the wood sparingly and reasonably. This way, you’ll save costs, preserve the forest, and the atmosphere.

If you plan to cook in the grill hut, we recommend bringing charcoal, which you can get from store at Savitaipale town.


In each of our cabins, there is a fireplace where you can light a fire when you want ambiance and warmth. Remember these things when using the fireplaces:

Before lighting a fire, make sure the damper of the fireplace is open (damper is the metal plate that closes the chimney). Otherwise, you’ll get smoke inside, and you’ll need to open all windows and doors to get the smoke out. The damper can be found on the top of the fireplace, inside the cabin.

And in the Big Cabin, before lighting the fire, turn off the range hood in the kitchen.

Close the fireplace damper when the last fire and hot ember has completely extinguished, especially in cold weather. This way, the heat won’t escape from the cabin.

On summer evenings, the best thing is to sit by the fire outdoors! However, please make an outdoor fire only in the designated grill area.

Safety and emergencies

Emergencies are rare, but if one happens to you, it’s important to know how to act.

If you encounter an accident and the situation is not under control, always call emergency number 112 first!

In each of our cabin, there is a smoke and fire alarm that detects smoke and fire. There is also a carbon monoxide alarm near the fireplaces. You can find a fire blanket and extinguisher for initial firefighting and an emergency first aid kit in the cabin’s supply cabinet, which is marked with a label sticker.

It’s better to ask than to regret! You can always reach the cabin owner at the number +35840 722 1153 (backup number +35850 434 9607), s feel free to ask if you have any concerns.

Villa Lummelahti address and coordinates:
Street address: Kopinniementie 251, 54950, Pettilä, Savitaipale
Location: N=6793350.212, E=540368.329 (ETRS-TM35FIN)

Leisure time and relaxing


Cabin life without sauna sucks, right? So, go ahead and heat up the sauna whenever you feel like it.

In the Big Villa, there’s an electric sauna with an attached shower room. The sauna stove’s switch is on the side of the shower room, and the sauna takes about 30-45 minutes to reach a ready-to-use temperature. Enjoy the sauna for as long as it feels good, and turn off the stove when you’re done.

In the Log Cabin, there’s a traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna. This means crackling fire in the stove’s firebox and wonderfully soft steam (as long as you don’t heat the sauna too hot). Washing also takes place in the traditional sauna area, and there is no shower. The warm dressing room allows for cooling down and changing clothes.

Bathing tub

If you want to enhance the cabin experience with a relaxing hot bath on a cool evening under the starry sky, it’s possible! You can rent a portable, wood-fired hot tub. Prices can be found on the website, and you can arrange the rental by contacting the host in advance.

Boat and canoe

The famous Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen once said: “when a person is asleep, nothing happens to him. But when he is awake, he can even catch a fish“. This is true, and you can indeed catch a fish if you go to the lake.

The use of a rowing boat is included in the rent for all cabins, and it includes life vests for two people.

A sit-on-top canoe for three people, also known as an open canoe, and a sturdy two-person kayak are available as additional services for rent. We have also created kayaking maps for beautiful nearby routes, so check them out on our website.


With a bicycle, you can zip around the gravel roads near Lummelampi to many beautiful places. We have prepared cycling routes that lead to the best spots in the area, check out the routes on our website. And, of course, you can use the bikes to go pick mushrooms or berries.

You’ll find cabin bike at the cabin and you’re free to use it for getting around. If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, we also offer mountain bikes and electric bikes as an additional service. Please inquire about these well in advance, and you can find contact information on our website.


Go-to places and activities

Activities in the forest and on the lake

Although Lummelahti isn’t located in a wilderness area or even very far from cities, the surrounding nature is still rich, and you can spot many animals in the region. The Saimaa ringed seal lives in the nearby waters, and a significant portion of the approximately 450 individuals resides in the nearby bays of the Lake Saimaa. In the forests near Lummelahti, you can often encounter moose, and in the vicinity, there are also deer, lynx, raccoon dogs, and badgers. During the summer, you may also see various water birds, and the magnificent Osprey is not a very rare sight either.

Finnish Everyman’s Rights grant you the freedom to move about in nature. You can walk and cycle, pick mushrooms and berries, and fish with a rod and line without the need for separate permits or fees. You can and are encouraged to make use of these rights in the nearby forests and waters of Lummelahti. However, please remember these restrictions: do not enter other people’s yards, maintain a distance of at least 50 meters from other shores and docks while on the lake, and do not cause harm or disturbance while in nature.


Fishing, berry-picking, mushrooms

If you want to go fishing, you can go angling or ice fishing in the winter without needing any separate permits. If you want to use lures, you will need to pay the fishing management fee; you can find more information about this on the Eräluvat service. If you want to set fishing nets, please contact the host to clarify permit issues and fishing locations.

You can pick berries and mushrooms very close by, right from the forest behind the cabin. Blueberry season is in July and August, and lingonberries are at their best in August and September. Mushroom territories often start right from the cabin’s backyard as well. However, the mushroom-picking season can vary greatly from year to year due to differences in rainfall and temperature. If you pick mushrooms or berries, make sure you know which species are edible! Do not pick the poisonous mushrooms or berries. You can book a guided berry or mushroom picking tour if you have doubts.

Cycling and canoeing routes

As mentioned earlier in this guide, we have prepared detailed directions and maps for the best cycling and canoeing routes on our website. We strongly recommend exploring the surrounding areas using your own muscle power, as this way, you’ll get close to nature in a wonderful and healthy manner.

If you’re looking for guided nature experiences, we can offer small group (minimum 3 people) guided 2-3 hour forest relaxation trips (e.g., hammock relaxation) or snowshoe or kick-sled trips during the winter in partnership with our collaborator. Please inquire for more information and book these well in advance!


Swimming in the clean waters of Lake Saimaa is, of course, possible at Lummelahti’s private beach. The Big Villa and Log Cabin have their own sandy beach. However, the Rock cabin is not located near the shore but further inland. It has a boat spot and a dock by the water.

You can also try ice swimming in the winter! Ask for this opportunity in advance so that we’ll have time to make the hole to the ice.

There are several other swimming spots in the nearby area:

Pettilä Village Beach, Kunnanrannantie 54, Savitaipale.

Ketvelinlahti, Suomalansaarentie 183, Savitaipale.

Solkein Beach, Lavatie 53, Taipalsaari.

Olkkola Beach in the center of Savitaipale, Olkkolantie 4, Savitaipale.

Lepänkanto Beach, Myllylammentie 312, Savitaipale.


Traditional dance pavilions

The pinnacle of rural romance can be found in the summer evening dance pavilions. The nearest dance pavilions are located in Säänjärvi (3 km from Savitaipale Church), Välijoki (towards Taavetti from Savitaipale), and Iitiä (towards Lappeenranta from Savitaipale). Check out the pavilions’ programs on their own websites and take a spin on the dance floor, or just enjoy watching others dance.


Pettilä village

Just a 5-minute drive or a 15-minute bike ride from Lummelahti, you’ll find the Pettilä village center (Address: Kuivasensaarentie 1196). An old historic school building serves as an event center run by the village association with the help of volunteers. The center features a café and a second hand market, and in the summer, they offer soup lunches. In the village center, you’ll also find a synthetic turf field, a badminton court, a golf putting course, dartboards, and a beach volleyball court. You can freely borrow equipment for your use.

Pettilä village center is open at summertime. Be sure to check the available services and opening hours on Pettilä village’s website.